Are bookkeepers in high demand?

are bookkeepers in demand

Bookkeeping still offers a stable career path that does not demand advanced degrees or extensive training. Some parts of the United States also expect to see above-average demand for qualified bookkeepers in their local labor markets. Also, note that the degree-related salaries cover all accounting professionals who hold that degree. Additionally, your employer might be inclined to promote and offer higher salaries to certified bookkeepers. Demonstrating a high level of proficiency can reassure employers that you’re equipped to take on greater responsibility, significantly raising your earning potential.

Keep reading to discover what else a bookkeeping certification can offer. When an effective bookkeeping system is in place, businesses have the knowledge and information that allows them to make the best financial decisions. Tasks, such as establishing a budget, planning for the next fiscal year and preparing for tax time, are easier when financial records are accurate. Bookkeeping is the practice of organizing, classifying and maintaining a business’s financial records. It involves recording transactions and storing financial documentation to manage the overall financial health of an organization. Most businesses use an electronic method for their bookkeeping, whether it’s a simple spreadsheet or more advanced, specialized software.

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While there is some overlap between bookkeeping and accounting, several factors distinguish these processes, as we explore in the table below. If you are an external auditor, you will most likely have a job at a public accounting firm, and you will need to have a CPA license, plus a college degree, and often a master’s degree. It is not an unusual career move for a bookkeeper to gain experience at a job, study, get are bookkeepers in demand certified, and work as an accountant. There are various career paths for accountants (and some for bookkeepers), from working as a forensic accountant to becoming a financial auditor or an enrolled agent. Bookkeepers are commonly responsible for recording journal entries and conducting bank reconciliations. A bookkeeper must be able to shift focus easily and catch tiny, hidden mistakes in a budget or invoice.

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According to Wolters Kluwer, some 43% of firms are either planning to, or in the process of, downgrading their brick-and-mortar businesses or moving to a virtual-only presence. We expect to see in 2023, an increasing demand for bookkeepers who have certified qualifications and are registered with The American Institute of Bookkeepers. Already there is a demand for certified and experienced bookkeepers, and it will get increasingly difficult for those without these credentials to find work. A small business can likely do all its own bookkeeping using accounting software.

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Bookkeepers ensure accuracy and compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). In this article, learn about different bookkeeping services, why it’s important for companies and more. You can earn certification from the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) and the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).

  • Both AIPB and NACPB require previous bookkeeping experience to qualify for their courses.
  • There is a need for bookkeepers in the business world, and it can be a great way to supplement your income or start your own business.
  • Bookkeepers also deposit money, cash checks, and ensure correct credit card transactions.
  • Instead of graduate degrees, bookkeepers can earn professional certifications that indicate greater ability.
  • However, bookkeeping and accounting clerk jobs are expected to decline, with the BLS projecting a 5% fall in jobs over the same period.
  • A Sage survey has shown that 62% of accounting professionals agree that today’s accountancy training program will not be enough to run a successful practice by 2030.
  • To make the topic of Bookkeeping even easier to understand, we created a collection of premium materials called AccountingCoach PRO.

Therefore, bookkeepers will remain a valuable asset to businesses in the future. Technology may be able to automate some bookkeeping tasks, but detailed analysis, accuracy, and performance are better achieved with human work. Finally, the flexible nature of bookkeeping can align with the introvert’s need for a flexible and comfortable workspace in order to be productive. In summary, bookkeeping can be a great job for introverts because it requires a focus on careful attention to detail, while allowing for independence, flexibility, and privacy.

What is the Difference Between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?

However, bookkeeping and accounting clerk jobs are expected to decline, with the BLS projecting a 5% fall in jobs over the same period. The BLS notes that job growth for accountants should track fairly closely with the broader economy. However, bookkeepers will face pressure from automation and technology that will reduce the demand for such workers. Bookkeepers often have a mix of formal education and professional experience.

Almost half of all bookkeepers have been at their current job for less than two years. With over 80% of bookkeepers being women, retaining the good ones is crucial for growing companies. However, job growth is expected in the bookkeeping & accounting areas due to the mass retirement and exodus of Baby Boomers. With their numbers sharply declining, the need to fill such positions is on the rise. As of 2021, approximately 1.7 million people worked as bookkeeping, accounting, or auditing clerks. The BLS expects the field to have a 5 percent decline in growth from 2021 to 2031.