Ernst and Young Senior Manager Management Consultant Salary $215K-$325K+

At the more junior levels, Accenture continues to lead the way, with KPMG consistently having the lowest minimum pay. “We also know prospective employees are looking for more than a pay packet. They want great clients, leaders they can learn from and an opportunity to make a difference through their work. They also want flexibility, digital upskilling and other development opportunities and they want to work for firms that put health and wellbeing at the centre of everything they do. The roles and positions that were stated above are only the most popular. The company is enormous and has various other roles and positions.

  • EY-Parthernon offers a higher salary level for their partners, $372,000 – $661,000 a year.
  • Salaries at EY (Ernst & Young) range from an average of $54,402 to $155,569 a year.
  • You will only have to work 32 hours and they offer competitive salaries.
  • An Accenture senior consultant (known as a manager internally) with at least five years of experience will earn $130,000, with a Deloitte manager only slightly behind at $125,000.
  • At EY, you’ll have the chance to build a career as unique as you are, with the global scale, support, inclusive culture and technology to become the best version of you.

Salary range is affected by practice area, location and experience. Looking at MBB firms, BCG pays their manager roles the lowest ($173,000 – $278,000), and even lower than EY Parthenon. EY Consulting’s figures are the lowest among all five firms. McKinsey and Bain, on the other hand, pay their managers almost twice as much. At the manager level, which typically requires the professional to have at least seven years of experience, Accenture pays a minimum of $40,000 more than the next highest paying firm, PwC. We have a database of 100+ companies that are ready to hire on a 4 day work week.

An Accenture manager (known as a senior manager within the firm) earns at least $170,000 a year. A PwC manager will typically pull in $130,500, while EY pays a minimum of $125,000 and KPMG pays at least $120,000. When employees were asked about their compensation, they felt that their salaries were very competitive for the market that they were in. 335 employees felt that their salaries were superior compared to other companies in the same industry. Senior managers at EY make between $150K-$220K with bonuses, based on discussions from EY employees.

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Many positions are umbrellaed under the Assurance name such as Forensic, Accounting, Audit, and Integrity. The 2 major positions that we are going to dive in deep and talk about are Assurance and Taxes. Working across assurance, consulting, law, strategy, tax and transactions, EY teams ask better questions to find new answers for the complex issues facing our world today. In 2014, EY acquired The Parthenon Group, a Boston consulting firm, to bolster its consulting business arm. EY-Parthenon now coexists alongside EY’s Consulting division. An EY-Parthenon Consultant earns roughly $90, ,000 each year.

  • An EY Intern consultant earns a minimum of $58,000 a year, and a maximum of $83,000.
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  • The data represents the minimum pay for typical experience for each firm and relates only to pay for consultants at the five firms.
  • Furthermore, consulting firms do not openly disclose their salary information.

However, Glassdoor is a platform where users can anonymously share their salary and compensation information. As such, it can be difficult to verify the accuracy of its data. Furthermore, consulting firms do not openly disclose their salary information. Therefore, the below data should only be used for reference purposes. At EY, a consulting Manager makes between $141,000 to $217,000 a year, and an EY-Parthenon Manager annual salary is $183,000 minimum and $285,000 maximum. However, EY-P offers double the amount of additional pays compared to EY Consulting.

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A senior EY-P Consultant’s salary can be much higher than their EY counterpart. An EY-P Consultant can earn between $134,000 to $198,000 a year. In the US, an EY Consultant earns around $87, ,000 annually.

EY exists to build a better working world, helping to create long-term value for clients, people and society and build trust in the capital markets. Is it a red flag when a recruiter talks about unrealistic benefits like getting a chance to fly to another state just to visit the client HQ all expense-free? Join the community to chat with employees at Ernst and Young and other tech companies. A KPMG spokeswoman said that staff join the firm for a variety of reasons beyond pay.

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(2) One-time sums, such as Relocation or Signing Bonus, are not counted. The figures in this article are rounded to the closest 1000. Actual figures may vary, depending on location, position, experience, performance, and report time.(3) Our primary source of information is Glassdoor.

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PwC pays at least $93,500, EY $87,600 and KPMG $83,000. EY refers to the global organization, and may refer to one or more, of the member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, each of which is a separate legal entity. Ernst & Young Global Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, does not provide services to clients. At EY Consulting, about 25% of a manager’s income is from additional pays. At EY, you’ll have the chance to build a career as unique as you are, with the global scale, support, inclusive culture and technology to become the best version of you. And we’re counting on your unique voice and perspective to help EY become even better, too.

For senior consulting roles, EY Consulting offers a lower salary for senior-level consultants than MBB firms. They also do not offer additional pay for senior roles. By contrast, EY-Parthenon’s senior-level consultants have a competitive salary compared to McKinsey, but both lag far behind compared to BCG and Bain. (1) Unless stated otherwise, salaries in this article are based on US figures.

Accenture also pays the most for those with at least five years of experience, although the difference is a far smaller $5,000 from the next highest paying firm, Deloitte. It is a good idea to understand every part of the compensation and what they entail. Because not all of the compensation is paid at the same time. Some compensations like stocks can take months or years to vest.

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Down below you will find a table with some of the other roles within Ernst and Young. You will also find different Ernst and Young Salaries. Highly motivated individuals with excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to prioritize shifting workloads in a rapidly changing industry. An effective communicator, you’ll be a confident team player that collaborates with people from various teams while looking to develop your career in a dynamic organization.

Accenture and PwC paid the highest minimum pay for new starters and analysts, at $68,000, while KPMG had a minimum pay of $60,000 for analysts. Deloitte declined to provide a formal comment but noted that salaries for in-demand consulting skills will rise as of July 1. Accenture’s high pay rates are partially due to the firm’s global approach to remuneration and training.